Eddi Hüneke & Tobi Hebbelmann


USA-Tour 2019

This autumn, on invitation of the AATG (American Association of Teachers in German) and the Goethe Institut USA, Germany-based entertainers Eddi Hüneke and Tobi Hebbelmann will be touring in 20+ cities throughout the US. Many of their songs will be in German language - but they will be aiming to make their light hearted approach to pop lyrics accessible to German and English speakers alike.

Eddi Hüneke was one of the founders of Germanys most successful pop a-cappella bands, the Wise Guys, who recorded 13 albums and played over 3000 shows from 1992 until 2017, when they chose to go separate ways. Eddis decision to continue writing and performing was received well by many fans - and particularly by his kids’ piano teacher, Tobi Hebbelmann, when he was asked to accompany Eddi on stage.

While Tobi will mostly be playing the piano, Eddis new job is to sing his newly written songs - and to play the guitar. “After 25 years in an a-cappella band, I was looking for a new challenge”, he smiles, “and coordinating my hands with my tongue while playing and singing simultaneously is definitely something to keep me on my toes. So to speak.”

Eddi Hüneke was born in London in 1971 and is looking forward to speaking in his “other mother tongue” for a change during their upcoming tour. Also, some of the songs chosen for the shows in the USA will be in English. At the same time, Eddi and Tobi aim to make the German lyrics of the majority of the songs as understandable as humanly possible.

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